who are we?

Hey – i’m Designer and creator Kitty Mercury.  I’m a Libra who believes in the power of the outdoors, conscious parenting, unpolished motherhood, and sustainable fashion. I currently make a forest home on the East Coast of Canada in Mi’kma’ki / Nova Scotia.

i live for making something from nothing. i started making art from fabric scraps and found objects since i could hold scissors. now i’m a professional patternmaker & designer and still find incredible joy in making discarded and overlooked items into wearable art.

I created Wild Waves when i had a daughter in 2018 and wanted more options for fun & interesting clothes made in an environmentally and socially conscious way. 

we make small batch, zero waste, often one-of-a-kind collections from thrifted, gifted, scrap, and sustainably sourced fabrics. we also offer a small collection of toys and preloved & vintage items. and we love to collaborate with other artists AND MAKERS.

let’s continue to be part of the fashion revolution and invest in the future together. if you’re here then you’re already into it.

wild waves is all of our free-spirited children and the child within ourselves, which we cannot and wish not to tame; we connect with the constant, steady breath of the rise and fall while we explore this beautiful world.

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